Friday, January 29, 2016



We are so excited to announce that our sponsored family has arrived!! They flew from Jordan to Toronto's Pearson International airport on Thursday, January 28 ... and will arrive at YVR today at 4:00 pm!! Members of the IRP Committee have gathered at the airport to welcome them to their new home. 

Our family is comprised of a young couple with an adorable 10-month old baby girl – Mohammad and his wife, Heba, along with their baby, Jana! Thanks to the generosity of a benefactor in the community, we have already arranged permanent accommodation for them, and will continue collecting donated household goods to help them set up their home. 

If you have any lightly-used or new household goods or furniture that you can donate to help them set up housekeeping, please contact the Reverend Connie Thompson at (604) 853-0801, or send an e-mail to

Of course, we are thrilled to receive our family of New Canadians into our community, but their arrival has also begun a flurry of activity to make sure they have everything they need. They are no doubt overwhelmed by their new – and very different – surroundings, but we are confident that with your support, we can help them feel welcomed and comfortable.

Thanks to Jennifer Mpungo and Edward Shigali of the Mennonite Central Committee, who have facilitated our sponsoring process!! We are just one of many groups they have been helping, and their contribution has been invaluable!!

Members of the IRP Committee gather at YVR 
to welcome our New Canadian family!

 **Keep watching this site for information on our family – and THANK YOU for helping us change their lives, as they start over in their new home country of Canada!

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